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Origin Earth

Origin Earth is a Hawke's Bay based and owner operated boutique dairy company. 



Conceived in 2010 by Joanie and Richard Williams, Origin Earth, started life in an ugly tin shed in the industrial end of Hastings. By mid-2012 it had become apparent that the building was rapidly becoming too small. Around that time the factory that was originally built for Te Mata Cheese became available and so Origin Earth moved to its current premises at 393 Te Mata Rd, Havelock North. 

A larger factory meant we could further develop our range of cow and sheep milk dairy products – we are now proud to produce a range of around 30 products, which include fresh milk, pot set yoghurt and a range of cheeses all of which are sold at the Origin Earth Cheese Shop, located up the drive at the rear of the factory.

From the beginning we have recognised the value of products that have been produced on biologically active soils. Our farmers can verify soil management and on-farm practices throughout their farm systems.


Origin Earth products are unique in that they are all crafted from single farm origin milk and the cow’s milk is sourced from Hawke’s Bay farmers who farm within an hour of the factory. 

Single farm origin means that the milk for any one batch of milk, yoghurt or cheese comes from a single farm and herd or flock.  Milk from different farms or even from different milking’s is never mixed, making all our products completely traceable. This means we can verify where the raw product was sourced and are able to trace it back to the farm, the paddock and the animals from which the milk come.

Along with all the usual information you would expect to find on a food label our products also include a farm identifier and milk batch number – that’s how we can trace it right back to the animals.

The Origin Earth factory is close to the farmers who supply our milk. Small batches are picked up by our own staff and brought to our Havelock North plant. Once at the factory, milk is immediately crafted into cheese, pot set yoghurt or fresh milk, to ensure it retains all the goodness and taste that farm staff, animals and soil biology, worked so hard to achieve.

Our fresh milk is available to you just hours after the morning milking.

No Origin Earth product is standardised, homogenised or stabilised. They have no emulsifiers, thickeners or milk powders added. What you purchase are products made from milk straight from the animal.