Rex the Refill Truck

This is where it all began, Rex the Refill Truck. Frustrated that I could never make it to the Origin Earth Cheese Shop in Havelock North during work hours, I got chatting to Joanie and Richard from Origin Earth at the Hastings Farmers Market.  Ready to start a new chapter of my career , and after establishing Joanie and I are possibly as crazy as each other, Rex the Refill Truck was born.

As a florist I couldn't live a life without flowers. I had often admired cute flower shops or trucks on social media, so this was the perfect opportunity to create my own. So the hunt for Rex began, the perfect truck cruising for the streets of Hastings, Havelock North, Clive, Te Awanga and surrounding areas, bringing Milk and Flowers to everyone.

The plan was to just make small "Truck Posies" for a bit of extra coin, but I have quickly found myself getting pre-orders, special requests and so on. This has meant expanding sooner than I had envisioned, but here we now have Replenish & Co. Milk and Blooms. You can still find the sweet "Rex's Truck Posy" on the website, and can order larger ones than stocked everyday in Rex.

A huge thanks goes out to Joanie & Richard from Origin Earth for this awesome opportunity, my mum Susie for her wonderful garden and ongoing help, and of course my better (and less chatty, far more wiser, and ever so patient ) half Hamish who is forever fixing and building everything I need (and break).